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Dear visitor the site you are looking for, www.grandts.com/danish. are under heavily construction. "As" in not online for the moment, with a new year in sight time has come to make major changes on my domain. I am working hard to at least get some structur on the domain.

It is with pleasure though and i am looking forward to show some news in the year 2014. The domain will be part English, and part Danish in it's new expression.

It will be divided in my Freelance Studio which will be only Danish and a playground site in English for thoose who still like to visit my site now and when. www.grandts.com

Please do look in at my domain in the new year for more on what is going to happen on this domain. And do remember to delete any Bookmarks you made after the 31/12-2013 as no and i do mean no one will work after that date!.


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